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New Embers - El publicar de "poderes poderes" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sara spelled without an h

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New Embers [Nov. 14th, 2006|10:05 am]
Sara spelled without an h
[mood |generally pretty great]
[music |John the Revelator - Depeche Mode]

I thought that I might just tell you some stuff, since I would like to have something on the books when I decide to come back and look at old entries. Selfish and circular, perhaps, but I know that I tend to enjoy these kinds of entries in retrospect.

One of my favorite sweaters (orange cashmere) has sadly and somewhat mysteriously shrunk. I say mysteriously because it has been remarkably resilient to poor laundering care for the past 4-5 years and shouldn't have shrunk all of a sudden unless it was boiled and baked in an oven. (Gross.) Now it is too short. Upper-body garments (I am moderately loathe to say "tops") that are too short are the bane of my wardrobe. Is it possible to stretch cashmere?

Yesterday I received two Sovereign Bank Visa CheckCards in the mail as well as their associated PINs. They weren't mine, and were in fact addressed to a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop (I assume) living at my address. As we don't have the space for a troop of eager youngsters with spending power, this was obviously an error. In my effort to be a good Samaritan I tried to identify the owner (Sovereign's lame telephone system wasn't helpful) through a combination of Google and the phone book, but the person who is listed on the card under the troop number doesn't seem to exist either in my area or in any association with any troop. This morning I called Sovereign, and the extremely bored and mildly foreign woman told me to just throw them away. I said "What about the person to whom these cards belong?" She told me that they would eventually report them lost or stolen. I want to find the person and tell them that I properly destroyed the previous set of cards and that they aren't technically lost or stolen, just taken out of commission.

I realized that I am severely lacking in proper footwear for, oh, let's say...holiday singing engagements, so last night I bought some shoes. However, I can't tell whether I am very practical or a total abomination to both my gender and world trade (I like to think the former) because (I confess) they only cost a little over $6. That's a single digit. I imagine that half of a penny (if we had ha'pennies [then God bless us]) went to the person who actually assembled the shoe. On second thought, these shoes are unlikely to be the product of human hands (and certainly are not made from any sort of animal, unless you count pre-historic ones that turned into oil a long time ago), and more likely were extruded on an assembly line somewhere. That would explain their slight polyaromatic hydrocarbon odor.

This morning I drove by the ocean and was shocked to see big waves. Then I was sad because I should have known. My finger is supposed to be on the pulse of all coastal goings-on in this region, so I felt a little bit like a failure. I'm too hard on myself sometimes.

I wish that Pandora had more than a binary ranking system. Even a three tier ranking system (this sucks, this is ok but not awesome, this rocks) would be better. The binary system just makes my tendency to overrate things much worse, because rarely do I feel that a song is worth a thumbs-down. Then an awesome song comes on and I think "I need a bigger, more emphatic thumb." (Well...not exactly that, but you get the point.)

Just as proof of how peculiar my ratings tend to be...of the 236 items I have rated on Amazon, only one has earned a rating of 2, or "I don't like it". (Don't read "Whores on the Hill" by Colleen Curran. I didn't like it.) In contrast, 85 have earned ratings of 5, or "I love it". I am, apparently, not to be trusted, but you knew that.

From: (Anonymous)
2006-11-15 12:30 am (UTC)


And you wonder why I don't let you rate anything on Netflix. I'm sure if you used the account we set up for you then every movie would get 5 stars... I'm looking at you "Underworld" ;)
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[User Picture]From: metallian
2006-11-15 03:04 am (UTC)
That's weird about the credit card.

I agree about Pandora.

The fact that your reviews skew high may indicate that you have a good ability to predict what you will like and therefore are primarily exposed to things that you like.
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